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Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend: Who Is He? Alexander Cooper, an American blogger, vlogger, and podcaster, is also known as Alex Cooper.

She is well-known for co-hosting “Call Her Daddy” with Sofia Franklyn on the podcast. Cooper got her first break as a studio anchor with Dirty Water Media in 2016.

She made headlines in 2017 when she was caught kissing baseball star Noah Syndergaard at a Knicks game.

She is also gaining a lot of fame and stardom as an internet celebrity, with more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram

Cooper and Franklyn’s ongoing feud over the Call Her Daddy podcast has made the news once more.

Alexandra Cooper was born on August 21, 1994, in Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States. Cooper’s maiden name is Alexander Cooper, and she is an American citizen. Cooper is a member of the white ethnic group, and her zodiac sign is Leo. Bryan Cooper, Alex’s father, and Laurie Cooper, Alex’s mother, had three children. Cooper’s father, Bryan, was a hockey player at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Alex Cooper grew up with her sister Kathryn and brother Grant as her siblings.

Alex Cooper Boyfriend:

Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend: Who Is He? Cooper has been dating Matt Kaplan, a film producer, since 2020.

Despite discussing her love life on her podcast, the 26-year-old revealed Mr. Sexy Zoom Man as her boyfriend’s name. Cooper gave her colleague the moniker after meeting him during a pandemic-related business growth session.

She met him at her home in Los Angeles, and the two talked for a long time.

On her podcast, the Pennsylvania native reveals details about her relationship, implying that her boyfriend is more mature than her ex-boyfriends. He respects her job and her career choices, she said.

Matt’s full name, according to several online sources, is Matthew Kaplan, who is a well-known film producer. Matt was previously married to Claire Holt, a film actress, and entertainer.

Alex Cooper Dating History:

Cooper admits to dating a lot of athletes, but Noah Syndergaard and Logan Paul are her most well-known ex-boyfriends. Before she became famous, Cooper had an affair with Syndergaard, a New York baseball player.

The couple began dating in April 2017 and have attended a number of gaming events together. Syndergaard confirmed their split via a tweet that read, “Baseball is my significant other.”

Their last public appearance was at a Knicks basketball game in December 2020, where Syndergaard confirmed their split via a tweet that read, “Baseball is my significant other.”

The podcasters have been open about their breakup and relationship with Syndergaard, whom she secretly refers to as “Slim Shady,” for several years.

Cooper had a brief relationship with the well-known YouTube player Paul, in addition to Syndergaard. The exact date the couple began dating is unknown, but on April 8, 2021, the celebrity host revealed that she was dating Paul. Alexandra announced in early 2020 that she was back with an ex-boyfriend, but she did not specify which one. Matt Kaplan is rumoured to be in a relationship with Alex Cooper.


In January 2013, Alex Cooper began working as a stage manager at Comcast in Hartford. She started working as a production assistant at NBC Sports in Princeton, New Jersey, in December 2013 and stayed there until January 2014.

She began working in Boston University’s events and conferences office in May 2015 and remained there until August 2015. She was also a client success manager at Social Vantage and a sports intern at Whdh Channel 7.

Cooper began her career as a vlogger on September 29, 2016, when she created a YouTube channel with the same name. Her YouTube channel has over 65,000 subscribers and 2.8 million total views.

After joining Barstool Sports’ Call Her Daddy podcast with Sofia Franklyn in 2018, Alexander Cooper began her career as a podcaster and blogger.

After signing a three-year contract with Barstool, Sofia and Alex are now solely responsible for the podcast. The concept of sex education came to the duo at a bar where they were drinking and talking.

Then Alexandra and Sofia came up with the idea to make a podcast out of their conversation, and they launched their popular “Call Her Daddy” podcast right away.

Cooper is currently hosting the podcast alone, as Franklyn has left, claiming that Cooper, who was once her best friend, has repeatedly backfired on her.

Alexandra Cooper has amassed a sizable fortune as a podcaster and blogger. She has been working in this field for over 5 years and has amassed a sizable fortune through podcasts, blogs, and social media sites.

Her total net worth, including all sources, podcast salaries, and social media sites, is estimated to be around $10 million. She manages to live a lavish lifestyle despite having a multimillion-dollar fortune.

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