When the Mountains Come Calling – Trekking and Camping in Manali



Manali, Snuggling between the snow-clad mountains, with a panoramic view of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar peaks while gushing Beas River with lush green pinewood forests adding extra beauty to this place will be best place for Trekking and Camping in our world. Adventure seekers and Wanderlust people must have to go there and enjoy your trip!!

Here, some of the preferred sites for trekking & camping in Manali to explore: 

1. Beas River

A crystal clear gushing river along the hills is a perfect place for Camping. Its holy water attracts pilgrims from all over India. It originated from Kund region, nestled on gigantic Himalayas and fell down to Sutlej basin in Punjab before stepping into Pakistan. It is very famous for water adventurous sports including rafting, kayaking and so on.

2. Rohtang Pass

Want to try dangerous Trekking?? Pack your backpack and go!!Go here! One of the most dangerous passes in India, is Rohtang pass which acts as gateway to Spiti and Lahaul Valley. A mind-blowing view of Lahaul Valley, twin peaks of Geypan and Chandra river will definitely admire you!! You can enjoy Trekking and many adventures here like Ice skating, Paragliding and Skiing.

3. Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu, A glacial lake located at an altitude of 4297 meters above sea level at the Kullu district. Great Maharishi Bhrigu used to meditate near the lake, that’s why it gets the name. Rola Kholi and Pandu Ropa are wonderful spots for Trekking and Camping here. While Trekking to Rola Kholi from Gulaba you can explore apple orchards,towns nearby and for shopping.

4. Solang Valley

A snow valley with snow -clad mountains, adoring scenic views is the best place for Trekking. It’s 14 kilometers away from the busy city. So you can find peace to relax you. And importantly, for adventure activities. It has a lot of activities which will surely tickle your adrenaline rush. Parachuting, 

Skiing, Cable- car riding, Horse Riding Paragliding are famous here. If you have the guts to enjoy and to make memorable moments, then tickle your willpower!!

5. ChandraTal Lake

Chandra means “Moon”. Then it is Moon-lake.

A crescent shaped basin located at an altitude of 4300 m above sea level. It’s about 6 km from Kuzum pass. It’s wonderful ability is, “It changes colour with the colour of the sky”. This lake is perfect for Trekking and for Camping. It’s a mesmerizing colour changing view and the mountain’s scenic views will definitely adore you!!

6. Chandrakhani Pass

Want to take a peaceful trekking or camping trip with your beloved ones or to trip alone. Don’t forget to check it out in your bucket list.  A serene site with an adoring view of Pir Panjal, Parvathi mountains and Deo tibba crest. Owing to its so called calm atmosphere and admiring landscapes, it’s a very famous in Couple destination.

7. Kothi Village

An old fashioned town with splendid glaciers, snowy mountains and a narrow gorge with beautiful greenery views are noted here.If you want  to fulfill your craving for offbeat shopping, then this place will help you!!. It is 15 km away from Manali. Trekking to Rohtang pass through this village will enthrall you.

8. Tirthan Valley

Do you like to enjoy adventure and nature aforesaid?? This is a place where you can enjoy both experiences and give you many memorable moments. Adoring scenic views with lush green forests and a beautiful valley for trekking, having crystal clear Lake is a best secret ideal place for nature and adventure lovers alike.

Perfect time for trip:

Summer is  perfect for Adventurous Camping, you will be able to challenge your thirst and enjoy many activities like Paragliding, Rafting, Rock climbing, Parachuting, Kayaking, Rappelling, Valley crossing and so on. You can see the heart stolen view of sunrise and a captivating view of the Himalayas.

December is an ultra perfect time for Trekking and playing with snow. Mostly, this places are booked for a honeymoon. Temperature will be in the negative degrees. You will be able to enjoy the astonishing snowfall and heart- stealing sunrise and enchanting Himalayas views.

All awe, for the majestic mountains are calling to enjoy Trekking and Camping!!

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