What is the ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ trend on TikTok? Everything to know about the disturbing viral videos on the platform


The brutal ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ trend is all over TikTok and the viral video is grabbing a lot of eyeballs. Causing a stir on the internet, people are circulating this cruel and gruesome video of a son and father being killed. This distressing video is graphic in a way that is not only gut-wrenching, but also depicts a heinous crime being committed.

The No Mercy in Mexico’ trend has set in motion a disturbing wave where other internet users are sharing videos under the same trend and in some videos, a woman is seen being ruthlessly hit with an object. All of these videos are very distressing, and circulating them should be avoided at all costs.

What’s the ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ video about?

The inhuman video is said to be from Mexico, where a father and child are being mercilessly executed. A group of people first hit the father and attacked him with knives and other sharp things, while the son lays on the ground and weeps as he witnesses his father’s horrific murder.

Those shown striking the father-son duo in the heartbreaking video are claimed to be part of a police gang. The father can be seen in excruciating pain.

While one should denounce the distribution of such brutal and horrific videos, the video is spreading like wildfire on social media, particularly on TikTok, where people are feverishly sharing the ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ video.

People’s interest in watching this video has left them terrified, with thousands of views on each of the shares. Some Twitter users responded by stating:

Not just TikTok, this video is being shared over and over again on various websites and forums.

Absurdity has hit ‘Tik-Tok’ bottom

While we all know that TikTok is the hub for the latest trends, at times, not all trends are fun to look at. While certain videos and trends are disturbing, others make us wonder why somebody would do such a thing!

One such horrific and dangerous challenge was the popular cha-cha challenge. Bringing back the 20-year-old Dance Anthem by DJ Casper, a k a Mr. C The Slide Man, this challenge involved several users recording videos for the sake of the trend. In this, the driver swings the car left and right whenever Casper sings, ’slide to the left, slide to the right.’

Like most TikTok trends, this has nothing to do with choreography but can be dangerous and deadly for the user, as well as others on the street.

Another one that left people gasping for breath was the blackout challenge. This deadly challenge is also known as the pass-out challenge, or the fainting game, where the participant chokes themselves until they pass out for several seconds. Holding your breath for several seconds can cause lifelong brain damage and even death, as this challenge has done to several children who participated in this deadly trend without sparing a thought.

From building identities to making content go viral, TikTok can be a fun place to be as long as one is using it wisely and sensibly. While the famous TikTok challenges and trends entice us all, a few from this list can be labeled as “dangerous” and, more so, “wild.” One of these is without a doubt the ‘No Mercy in Mexico’ trend, which is not only disturbing and brutal, but also makes us question humanity.

As a result, one should refrain from sharing such videos because trends and viral content like this not only make people uncomfortable, but also promotes a dangerous message. Furthermore, videos like these would have a negative impact on the younger viewers. As a result, participation in such inhumane and horrible deeds should be condemned.

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