What Happened to Hannah Minx? 2022 Updates


Over the last several years, YouTube has become an extremely popular method for people to express themselves. Users with niche interests often create content for a community of fans that is sometimes millions strong. For viewers who are interested in Japan or Japanese culture, Miss Hannah Minx was one of the most popular YouTube stars. Her Japanese language videos garnered millions of views, but she disappeared suddenly several years ago. So what happened to Hannah Minx, and where is she now?

Hannah Minx’s Rise to YouTube Stardom

Hannah Wagner, AKA Hannah Minx, was born in Lexington Kentucky on October 31,1988. While she didn’t spend her childhood in the entertainment business, she eventually realized that she wanted to bring a smile to people’s faces. When she was studying abroad at Sophia University in Japan, she had the idea to make educational Japanese language videos, which she calls JWOWs (Japanese Word of the Week).

Hannah joined YouTube in 2008 and uploaded her first video in March, 2009. She became an overnight success. Her MissHannahMinx YouTube channel’s popularity skyrocketed; her most watched video has over 10 million views. Her subscribers were entertained by weekly JWOWs, as well as other content featuring Hannah’s signature cute, Japanese style.

What’s Hannah Minx Doing Now In 2022 – Recent Updates

According to one Reddit user, who allegedly had her as a friend on Facebook (she added fans on her personal Facebook page early in her career), she is currently married with children. While it hasn’t been confirmed, they say that her husband is a man named Steve Fox Osterhagen.

They also had an answer as to why she quit YouTube. Apparently, her manager owned the rights to the “Hannah Minx” trademark, which meant that she no longer owned her own content. While she could have fought to get her channel back, she chose another route—to embrace her new life as a wife and mother.

Not only did she leave YouTube, but she also abandoned her Instagram account. Her Twitter also went private.

So for those who are wondering, we probably won’t be getting any content from her any time soon. If anything, she’s probably busy with her family—that and she may very well be working a full-time job that doesn’t leave her any time for videos.

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