The Venetian Las Vegas Gives Vistors a Chance to Become a Gondolier through Gondola University


On any day, the number one question asked to a gondolier at The Venetian Las Vegas is, “How can I become a gondolier?” Now, guests will have the opportunity – if only for a few hours – through the resort’s new Gondola University

The new program, limited to nine participants per day, begins with a primer on the history of Venice, the city famous for its aquatic transportation and the inspiration for The Venetian Las Vegas. Participants will then learn the “ins and outs” of piloting a gondola, before going through “Rowing 101,” the hands-on experience where participants will actually row their own vessel. The experience ends with an official Sash and Scarf Ceremony, modeled after the actual ritual used by The Venetian Las Vegas when new gondoliers earn their stripes upon completion of training. Participants also receive a gondola hat and t-shirt, a souvenir photo and a degree certificate from Gondola University.

“Gondola University aims to give our guests lifetime memories during their next trip to Las Vegas,” said Tina Peetris, vice president of retail at The Venetian and The Palazzo. “This is something they will definitely want to share on Facebook and Instagram.”

Fun Facts about the gondola experience at The Venetian

  • There are two gondola experiences at The Venetian – an indoor ride on the second level of the resort, as well as an outdoor ride Las Vegas Strip-side
  • There are 14 gondolas in use between the two canals.
  • Each gondola is about 36 feet in length.
  • Each gondola weighs 3,200 pounds.
  • Each gondolier knows about a dozen songs with which they serenade their guests.
  • Each gondolier makes about 20 rotations per day in a shift.
  • More than 500,000 visitors ride the gondolas at The Venetian Las Vegas every year.

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