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Café Hon After Kitchen Nightmares – 2018 Updates


Café Hon Before Kitchen Nightmares Starting out in Baltimore in 1992, Café Hon was built on the premise of being a “quirky” family friendly and Baltimore centric establishment. In the first few years, the reputation of the restaurant would soar, though it quickly lost any wind beneath its sails when the owner, Denise, would trademark the words Café Hon and the term Hon itself, which may as well...

Mill Street Bistro After Kitchen Nightmares – 2018 Update


Mill Street Bistro Before Kitchen Nightmares When Gordon Ramsay and the Kitchen Nightmares crew visited the Mill Street Bistro in 2013, it resulted in one of his most frustrating experiences on the show, but it also produced what has been called one of the finest reality TV episodes ever made. The Mill Street Bistro was located in rural Norwalk, Ohio, but owner Joe Nagy believed that his fine...

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She also offers ghostwriting services to help aspiring authors get their book published while maintaining creative control over the project.

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