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In between two diverse countries , i.e Tibet and India a beautiful mind blowing mountain valley known as Spiti Valley exists. This secluded place is a burst of Tibetan cultures and traditions. Right from snow capped mountains , quaint villages , crystal clear lakes , lush meadows and a bunch of monasteries to really let out your spiritual being.  These have made tourism very popular in Spiti Valley and year round locals are always welcoming you to this gem of a place. 

Summer Spiti and Winter Spiti are very different in their own ways. Right from the scenery it offers to the life each one gives , it’s mind blowing. It’s almost as in life where Summer Spiti is the soothing , scenic and normal everyday view whereas Winter Spiti is rare , full of challenges and teaches you many things in life.

Spiti valley in winters is truly a mesmerizing sight for your eyes. Pervaded with a thick blanket of snow , you can never get enough pictures to capture the beauty. In terms of tourism there isn’t a lot to explore but you have something beyond that. It shows you how life is , how to face challenges when life hits you hard. Make friends , socialize with others and help them out when in need. It gives you the Indo-Tibetan dose of vibrant culture that you enjoy amidst locals. For all the foodies out here , this place has some mouth watering scrumptious food to try out. Get ready for a festival of flavors bursting in your mouth.

It looks something that is straight out of a national geographic magazine. The water bodies are all crystal clear and frozen up , you can see the reflection of the mountains through these. Driving through these roads can however be very sloppy and dangerous. The vegetation , flora and the mountains are really a sight that one should never miss out in a lifetime!

When should you be visiting Spiti?

Anytime in between October – March is considered ideal for the visit. The average temperature is around 8 degrees celsius during daytime and goes to -10 degrees celsius at nights. October to December , the weather is somewhat tolerable and foggy. However from there on , the temperature is freezing cold and you’ll need to take care as an adventure is on your way! It reaches a solid -30 degrees celsius.

What can you do here?

Reaching here itself is a huge achievement that will forever be penned down in your history. The temperatures around this area are intolerable and if you’re able to sustain this temperature , I’m sure that you’ll be able to go through anything. Some of the activities include are – 

  • Trekking through various lakes and valleys , passing through beautiful meadows.
  • Camping in different spots to enjoy the view and spend some quality time
  • Spotting rare and interesting flora and fauna.

Some items to carry along during the trip are – 

  1. Warm clothing
  2. Torch
  3. Water bottle
  4. Winter wear
  5. Safety kit
  6. Socks and a good pair of shoes with grip 

The problems you generally face in Spiti Valley are –

  • Electricity problems – As much as the trip is all about disconnecting from the rest of the world , there is zero electricity in this place. Even if its there , the signals are so weak that your devices cannot be charged. 
  • The mobile signals are very weak in this area so do take the necessary precautions
  • Medical help in case of something serious isn’t so easily available 
  • For someone who can’t compromise on food , it’s gonna be really challenging out here for y’all. There are limited food options available in the place.
  • Complementary to food , lack of water is also a problem. Water for drinking and domestic , sanitary purposes are very scarce hence use them wisely.
  • The amount of tourists at this place is very less at this time and only very few locals stay here during winters.
  • Driving through Spiti Valley at this time is considered to be the most dangerous activity for many reasons. It is better to take local taxis as they have much more experience than us driving by yourself. If you keep taking too many brakes , the engine freezes and you’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere. 
  • Applying sudden brakes and driving too fast can also be fatal. Hence you or the driver must be focused throughout the drive.

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