My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Cancelled In 2022?


My Perfect Landing is a pre-teen drama series produced in Canada. It follows the hardships of a family of gymnasts as they adjust to their life-changing move from Miami to Toronto, Canada. In addition to The Next Step and ‘Lost and Found Music Studios, Frank van Keeken is the creator of this new series.

The series started on Family Channel on January 8, 2020, and will run for 15 episodes till April 22, 2020, according to the network. In the United Kingdom, it was broadcast on CBBC, and it will be available internationally on Netflix on August 1, 2020.

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release Date:

My Perfect Landing Season 1 premiered in its entirety on Netflix on August 1, 2020, and Season 2 will follow on August 1, 2021. The show premiered on Family Channel on March 1, 2020, one month before it was made available on Netflix. It is divided into 15 episodes, each of which lasts 30 minutes. Netflix, on the other hand, has combined the first two episodes, bringing the total number of episodes to 14.

Regarding the possibility of another season, here’s what we know so far: There hasn’t been any official word on whether or not the series will be renewed or canceled. Due to its lighthearted and inspirational teen-centric premise, the show received a positive response from viewers when it first premiered on television. Furthermore, the first season comes to a halt on an uncertain note, leaving Jenny’s future in the balance. As a result, there is a good chance that the show will be renewed by its original broadcast network in the future. My Perfect Landing season 2 would be released on Family Channel in 2022, then on Netflix a few months after that.

Who is in the cast of My Perfect Landing Season 2?

Jenny Cortez, a skilled gymnast, is played by Mississauga native Morgan Wigle, who also serves as the show’s star. Jenny’s brother, Joon Cortez, is played by Tom Hulshof in the film. Whitney Cortez, Jenny’s mother, and Joon’s mother are all played by Helena Marie in the film. In addition to Shawn Thompson’s portrayal of Jenny’s grandfather, Gus McIlroy, Natasha Zaborski will take on the character of Olivia Shaw in the series.

Ajanae Stephenson as Keisha Armstrong, Francesca Van Keeken as Rachel Osbourne, Holly Belbeck as Cassie LaVoisier, and Jordan round out the cast. Clark plays Miss Allister, Keira Still plays Bops Percival, Luca Assad plays Lena Montgomery, Abby Stretch plays Tori Bannister, Parker Lauzon plays Paul F. Monroe, Azeem Nathoo plays Mo and Osias Reid plays Dace Deloreon Almost all of the key cast members, with the exception of a handful, are expected to repeat their individual roles in the second season.

What is the plot of My Perfect Landing Season 2?

Whitney Cortez loses her job in season one and is forced to relocate from Miami to Toronto with her two children, Jenny and Joon, in order to start a new chapter in her life. Whitney and her father Gus open a gymnastics club in Toronto after settling in the city. The two are both former gymnasts themselves. Whitney, on the other hand, does not want her daughter to pursue a career in competitive gymnastics, but Jenny’s grandfather secretly trains and motivates her in preparation for the contest.

While attempting one of the stunts in the finale, Jenny suffers a leg injury that requires surgery. When Jenny reaches the final round, Jenny’s mother and her new school friends provide her with all of the support she needs and remind her that she is much stronger than she believes herself to be. Jenny makes a flawless landing despite the discomfort and wins the Hillside Individual winner, a feat that will make her mother and grandfather proud.

A possible plot point for Season 2 is that it will begin immediately after the conclusion of Season 1. We can anticipate that the doctor will thoroughly examine Jenny’s foot and issue a diagnosis that will determine whether or not she will be able to continue practicing. Despite their concerns about Jenny’s future in gymnastics, Gus and Whitney may go to great lengths to assist her in her recovery from her injuries. Jenny may decide to work on regaining her strength now that she is one step closer to realizing her dream, and with perseverance and determination, the little wonder may come out on top.

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