Labia Cleavage Or Vaginal Cleavage: What Is This Trend?


Labia Cleavage or Vaginal Cleavage is the latest hobby of wearing knickerless dresses, especially on the red carpet. Celebrities don’t seem to mind showing off their bodies a bit, as you all know.

But it is becoming an actual trend among them. The stars are wearing split dresses for the sole purpose of labia cleavage. NeNe Leakes, Tammy Rivera, and some other Instagram models have given this trend a new definition by wearing dresses to show their genitals, leaving nothing much to imagine.

When you wear immensely tight clothing, it sabotages the barricade that keeps the skin safe from infections, getting the point? The same rule applies to bikinis that how does it affect the genitals.

When you wear immensely tight clothing, it sabotages the barricade that keeps the skin safe from infections, getting the point? The same rule applies to bikinis that how does it affect the genitals.

The body part that has always remained in fashion is the vagi*a, isn’t it? And that fashion has come back with a new trend this time. Vagin*s are appealing. They have been since the beginning because they are sometimes a woman’s leverage, no?

This new trend of labia cleavage has severely affected the bathing suit industries because avoiding undergarments is the whole point of labia cleavage. The bad or good news is that the trend doesn’t plan to leave early, Instagram says.

Too tight undergarments don’t just negatively affect your safety barrier, but they tend to produce relatively more sweat, which, as you all may know, provides a safe haven for the bacteria and other viral factors to grow, causing the vagi*al hairs to turn into disgusting pimples. Just imagine for one second.

Artificial Fabrics:                                 

Artificial fabrics such as rayon or nylon can keep the moisture trapped in one place for a time, making it an excellent location for bacterial infections to grow and survive, proving to be dangerous for you.

There is a price for everything, so why not the labia cleavage? Which is its preservation, yes, and sometimes this can get out of your control, trust me. You heard me just right, ladies! You will have to see an expert, or should I say “waxpert,” before this little venture of yours.

To be successful and safe while following this trend, you will have to have a complete lower body wax at least. The experts will completely clear out all your genital, butt, labia, and vul*a hairs in any famous spa to ensure cleanliness. This will cost you no more than 50$, worth the expenses, right?

Celebs Contributing To The “Labia Cleavage Trend”

The city is Toronto, and the time is June 2014. At Video Awards, Kendell Jenner wore a cream-colored dress with a high split up to her belly button, exposing lots of skin. She is said to have started this trend.

The renowned model Bella Hadid also became part of this trend earlier this year, when she wore a stunning red gown at the Cannes Film Festival. However, it looked like she wasn’t wearing any undergarments. But that’s not entirely true, as she was secretly wearing tights or a bodysuit under the gown.

But the Italian models Giulia Salemi and Dayane Mello took this trend to a whole new level during the Venice film festival when the two models wore eye-catchy gowns carved to their waists while making a bold entry at the festival.

Giulia chose to wear an orange-colored dress with a V-shaped neck to show off her beautiful cleavage and a couple of enormous strips for her labia cleavage, and a piece of clothing hanging down the center, hardly covering her genitals.

It is said that both models did not wear underwear at the festival and quite smartly tried to cover their private parts with strapless thongs that are used for impersonating the toes of camels, also known as Shibue. You may or may not know about this, let me tell you.

It is a small piece of clothing that is fitted at the lady’s genitals with washable gel strips. They are fitted at the exact vagin*l location at the front and on the butt from the back. Shibue has said that it is for the women who prefer to wear anything they want without the feeling of being restricted by the need for undergarments.

Because of celebrity involvement, this trend became a fashion. Also, those celebrities were the first to start showing their vertical lips. Bit by bit, slowly, the trend became famous among teenagers. Many teens can be seen wearing such clothing that doesn’t leave much to imagine, randomly without the fear of being judged.

Labia cleavage, if you ask me, is neither too good nor too bad, where it proves to be bad for skin, it also somehow increase the self-esteem of many. Trends come and go, fashions come and go. It all depends upon the time. Some stay longer, and some are short-lived, but I can tell you the labia cleavage trend is not going away soon.

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