How Social Media Influencer Sheismichaela Gained 400,000 Followers in One Year


Instagram has evolved into one of the main social media platforms around the world, aided by its subsequent association with Facebook. This is a place where people either become celebrities overnight or become real brands thanks to their ever-growing fan base.

Every influencer on Instagram combines its content with a personal touch and consistent posts to reach users.

Sheismichaela is a famous social media influencer who gained 400,000 followers within a year. This is mind blowing, but due to her hard work and consistency, she achieved this figure. She is an American singer and has amassed over 500,000 YouTube subscribers and got millions of views in a very short period. Like many other YouTube musicians, Michaela’s most popular videos are covers of hackneyed favorite radio stations, but she recently expanded to create her own original songs.

In an interview, she shared some tricks and plans she followed to gain success on social media:

Post consistently

She said that you could almost double your subscriber growth rate by going from less than one post per week to 1-6 posts per week. You can again more than double your followers growth rate by going from posting 1-6 times a week to one or more times a day. One of the key ways to grow your Instagram following is to post high-quality content that your followers like and would engage with.

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Study and use quality hashtags

Hashtags can be your best bet for growing your Instagram followers quickly. For example, check out one of our recent popular Instagram posts, where we used ten hashtags and a location tag. While Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, Michaela found nine hashtags seemed like the optimal number for maximum engagement. So she recommends using hashtags in your post to gain more attention and followers on social media.

Share engaging and user-generated content

The easiest way to think about user-generated content is that brands take the best of the best user-generated content from around the web and post it on their social media or other platforms, giving credit to the original creator (user).

In a year, sheismichaela got 400K subscribers, a large percentage of that growth was a result of her adopting and sharing user-generated content. Her account encounters the strongest relationship with the audience because her followers are saving her posted and videos and sharing her content. She always posts unique content and knows the tricks that her audience wants to look at her social media account. She always comes up with great covers, vlogs, and cooking videos and posts. That is a great way to get more followers.

Engage your fans

Another great tip shared by Micheala is: you can reach even more people in the online world, and maybe get more followers. Then it is a great practice to attract your followers by like or reply to their comments on your posts. Since they made an effort to check your posts and comment on them, it would be great to reciprocate by continuing the conversation.

Michaela Mendez, no doubt working as a celebrity artist and famous Youtuber in the United States, but she herself is a big superstar on social media in the singing industry. She is best known for her unique and engaging posts on Instagram. She loves to share her pictures, stories, vlogs, and cooking videos with her fans, and she often posts some exciting challenges for engagements and views. We can say that she is an iconic figure and an inspiration for all the models struggling in the social media industry. These female models can take her assistance to grow this fast. And she does love to assist her fan and followers.

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