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How much is Hannah Brown worth?

Profession:Professional TV Personality
Date of Birth:September 24, 1994 (age 28)
Country:United States of America
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)

About Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown, whose full name is Hannah Kelsey Brown, is an American former beauty pageant titleholder and television personality. She rose to national popularity in the late 2010s when she won the title Miss Alabama from the contest Miss USA 2018. Brown has earned income equal to an estimated salary of $100,000 per year, since 2019.

In 2018, she joined the cast of the television program “The Bachelorette”, she later also appeared on “Dancing with the Stars”, and “The Bachelor”, which further boosted her popularity. Now, she is a true social media sensation that has gone viral on many platforms such as Instagram, and TikTok, where in total she is followed by around 5 million people.

Hannah was born on September 24, 1994, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Robert and Susanne Brown. Besides Tuscaloosa, she was raised in Northport, Alabama. After graduating from the Tuscaloosa Country High School, she enrolled at the University of Alabama. In 2017, she earned herself a magna cum laude in communication and information sciences.

American television personality and former beauty pageant titleholder Hannah Brown has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars, as of 2022. Hannah starred as The Bachelorette in season 15 of The Bachelorette.

Prior to her career as a television superstar and beauty pageant winner, and during her time in the University of Alabama, she was part of the Alpha Phi Omega sorority. In late 2014, concurrently with taking part in various beauty contests in Alabama and other states, Hannah Brown also began working as an interior designer for a local company in Northport.

Her pageantry career began in the late 2000s when she was 15 years old. During her teen years, she took part in the Miss Alabama contest several times. In one of her first beauty pageants, she was the first runner up in Outstanding Teen 2010 and second runner up in Miss Teen USA (Alabama) 2011. By the age of 18, she was able to earn an estimated $2,500.

After 2013, after a stint performance at the Miss Alabama 2013 contest, she went on a short hiatus from the pageantry for a couple of years. In her first appearance back, she took part in the Miss Alabama USA 2017 contest, however, she failed to place in the competition.

The following year, at the 2018 edition, she returned to the contest and eventually won the crown of Miss Alabama 2018, which boosted her popularity and wealth. By the end of 2018, she was able to earn an estimated net worth of around $800,000 and received multiple television opportunities.

Winning the Miss Alabama title as part of the widely-known Miss USA competition opened a lot of doors for Hannah Brown. During that time, she also gained a lot of attention for using her voice on the platform to spread mental health awareness and help people that suffered from anxiety and depression, which was actually the main reason why she went on a nearly-four year hiatus.

In late 2018, she joined the cast of the 23rd season of “The Bachelor”. During the season finale, which aired in March 2019, she was announced as a leading cast of the 15th season of “The Bachelorette”, where she chose Jed Wyatt as her fiancé. A few months later, both Brown and Wyatt had guest appearances in the 6th season of “Bachelor in Paradise”.

Most recently, in the 28th season of “Dancing with the Stars”, Hannah Brown was announced as one of the competitors. She was paired with Alan Bersten, with whom she won the entire season.

Brown’s Total Net Worth

Hannah Brown has earned estimated total career income of $2 million dollars. When she won season 28 of the reality television series Dancing With the Stars in 2019, she earned a reported $300,000. As Brown lives in the state of California, she will have had to pay around 37% in taxes on her career income. After tax, it is estimated that her career earnings are at around $1.26 million dollars, having paid $740,000 in taxes.

Hannah Brown is not married and has no children. In her personal life she has likely spent $300,000 of her career earnings but also earned $100,000 from her investments. She will have also had to pay around $150,000 in business costs. Therefore, it is estimated that Hannah Brown has a net worth of about $1 million dollars.


Hannah Brown is one of the most inspiring beauty pageants not just in Alabama but in the entire United States. The influential figure, which has more than 5 million followers online, has earned herself a lot of money in the past few years. Thanks to her win during Miss USA, she attained national recognition with her beauty and charm and, now her net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Also, as of now, in addition to winning the title of Miss Alabama 2018, she’s a familiar face on television that recently won one of the latest seasons of the widely-popular dancing competition “Dancing with the Stars”. Besides partaking in various television productions and beauty contests, Hannah Brown is also an influential figure online who has more than 5 million followers.

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