Garage Gyms: Making your workout regime convenient


Lately, hitting the gyms has become the norm for most millennials and zoomers, both for the trend to keep up with their social circles and also in the journey towards health consciousness. Fitness has emerged as the most trending and important life goal and most people are either keeping a check on their diet or hitting the gym or maybe both.

These growing numbers of fitness enthusiasts are also giving way to a very profitable market for fitness companies. Although it is evident that more and more gyms are coming up with the state of the earth types of equipment and multi people facilities, they charge a hefty amount and moreover are not very convenient as it so happens that many people access the gym at the same time that results in longer waiting time. You may have squeezed some time from a very hectic schedule to only find the equipment preoccupied and leaving you no other option than to leave and also miss a day of your workout regime. Besides, there are instances during the Covid pandemic when gyms remained shut for months and people had no other option than skip the workouts. With all these issues sprouting out, garage gyms have emerged as a savior. Many people are opting for a garage gym by investing a particular amount and saving on those hefty gym charges. Along with the basic equipment get a few 4×6 rubber mats to fix the flooring as per gym requirements.

Garage Gym

Pros of owning a garage gym:

If you too have made up your mind to ditch the commercial gym and rather invest those monthly gym charges to set up your own garage gym, this is for you to know the bigger picture behind that investment.

  • Gone will be the days of waiting for the treadmill to be off duty or that weight corner to be less crowdy for you to finally get a chance to stretch your muscles as now you will have a gym all by yourself. So getting a personalized garage gym can end all the hassles of waiting and making awkward conversation with strangers in a gym.
  • A garage gym can also cut down on transportation time and also be accessible during weather extremes. So, you can avoid shoving through the traffic to reach the gym and can avail your garage gym anytime you want and use your equipment any number of times you want, without having to compromise.
  • Settling for a garage gym and putting your money into that can save you money in the long term. Moreover, it would be a one-time investment with lifetime benefits. Plus you can do away with the hefty membership charges that would cost you much more in the long term.
  • You can no longer make excuses to visit the gym as it will be now a few steps away, so, with the roadblocks no longer an issue your fitness journey is about to take a flight.
  • A garage gym will ensure focus and dedication towards the fitness goal without any unwanted distractions or conversations that are a part of the gym culture. Besides, you can focus on your own regime and meet your standards by investing your time.

Things to remember:

  • The most important aspect while creating a garage gym is to pay attention to the flooring. Look for some heavy-duty mats or find ideas for best garage gym flooring to protect both the floor and the equipment from damage. It is recommended that you look for some waterproof flooring options as sweating is a part of the workout regime and also a proper gym flooring can protect you from getting hurt. 4×6 rubber mats are also a good flooring option.
  • Dumbbells are the foundation of any gym, they are affordable and are versatile for many workout options. 
  • Investing in a barbell can sort your weightlifting regimes, and can help in developing the muscles and master strength training.
  • Pull-up bars are also a great way for strength training as it builds upper body strength and is known as the king of upper body exercises. In addition, they are quite affordable and are a great way to start your workout journey.
  • If you are a beginner and want to invest the least and get the most out of it, then go for skipping ropes. These super-affordable ropes are the most advantageous exercise that helps you build your reflexes and enhance mind-muscle coordination. 
  • Air-bikes can be a very good investment if you are targeting cardio exercises. Air-bikes are known to shoot up calorie burning and thus are a great option for a weight loss regime.
  • Markets are flooded with gym equipment meant for specific results, so it is up to you to decide what you are planning to achieve and what is your capability depending on space and budget. But what remains of utmost importance is a mirror, you need not invest a huge amount in gym mirrors and can simply settle on a  basic mirror. A mirror helps you to focus on your form and techniques and helps you evaluate your posture.

Final Word:

If you have made it here, that means you are quite sure about having your personalized garage gym. Congrats! Because this is the one decision that you are never going to regret and is going to progress day in and day out on your fitness journey. Just keep in mind the tips for your garage gym and make sure to get the best garage gym flooring as with the flooring safe, secure, and gym friendly nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

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