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Desert Safari Dubai: Things You will Experience.

Desert Safari Dubai: The Dubai landscape is made up of sand-colored desert patterns and gravel deserts. The scenery of Dubai is a great place for an adrenaline-pumping desert experience. The thrilling ride mentioned earlier is a must-do for anyone who wants to experience something that you cannot experience in your own country. Here are some of the things you can experience in Dubai Desert Safari.

Desert Safari Dubai Included:

  • Choose the Apartments, Hotel and Residence Villa as well Near Airport
  • A thrilling drive that takes you to the top of the Dune to take a picture
  • See Beautiful Sun Rising Scene & Capture Moments
  • Sand Boarding experience slide from high dunes
  • 40 to 45 Minutes Dune Bashing at Red Dunes Desert
  • Cold Drink, Water Bottle, Soft Juice Refreshment
  • Fun and thrilling drive through the desert before getting to the road
  • Return to Dubai and drop off the location you picked up from. Do not leave
  • Meals


Dune bashing

The ride will pick you up at a central location to travel through the vast desert. The trip will provide the adrenaline pump. The ride will take you across the desert, and in between, you’ll be able to take a moment to admire the breathtaking sunset before arriving at our camping site. The sun’s touch on the desert dune’s tips is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Our highly-trained and experienced drivers commit to giving the highest importance to safety. They have been trained in first aid, and our cars are outfitted with a roll-cage to ensure that the passengers are not injured in an accident, specifically in the case of a crash in the desert, which is extremely uncommon.


Henna painting

Design your hands by adding Henna tattoos that last for one or two weeks.


Arabian dinner

Take a seat at this delicious Arabian buffet. The buffet will offer exquisite and delicious Arabic food. The three-course dinner with five stars will satisfy your taste buds with no doubt.


Belly dance

Enjoy the ancient art forms from the area. After enjoying a delicious meal, you will be able to enjoy the belly dancing performance of an experienced dancer from the UAE.

Photography of sunsets

Be prepared with your camera to capture the breathtaking sunsets visible in the desert regions. The sunset that is in mid-dune is peaceful and tranquil.


Camel ride

Enjoy a bumpy ride on the camel through the desert dunes. You will be able to experience the desert environment through an up-close view of the desert vegetation and the bizarre insects that live that are affixed to the sand.


Fire show

A stunning show performed with fire dancing, breathers, stilt fire performers, and fire twirlers. They create a great show by dancing with the fire before the audience, which makes them feel stunned.


Tanura show

Tanura dance is a folkloric dance that is quite common across Arabic countries. Originating from Sufi dances within Turkey and Egypt and identified by using the multicolored skirt. Tanura dances are the main attraction of the entire desert safari. The experienced Tanura dancer can spin without a stop for 30 minutes before he will stop without causing any dizziness.



Relax with your family and friends while you are in the middle of the desert.


Hubble Bubbles (shisha)

After a tiring day of sightseeing, take a break and enjoy hookah dancing in the desert. Shisha is packed with tobacco to help you refuel.


Arabic Coffee (Pahwa) and Fresh Dates

Enjoy a cup of authentic Arabic coffee with fresh dates to add some oomph to the desert atmosphere.


Traditional costumes

Explore the traditional dress from UAE and click some stunning photos.


Sand skiing

Enjoy a relaxing time in the sand by taking part in Sand skiing. You will not be hurt when you fall because the soft sand that is soft and soft will protect your life. Try it!



Have fun preparing a barbecue under the stars with your beloved family members.

Dubai, the desert, is essential to do when you travel across the United Arab Emirates. You can reserve the experience through Sabsan Holidays. Contact us for more information.

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