Corner Baths for Small & Large Bathrooms


A corner bath is always a great way to add a touch of elegance to a bathroom while also saving space. Thanks to its softly curved front, large bathing area, and innovative technological features, a corner bathtub is ideal for both small and large bathrooms. A corner bath is a clever method to maximize your bathroom’s square footage while giving your own home a lavish, spa-like ambience. They come in several sizes and lengths to suit the curvature of your bathroom wall.

When combined with our corner basins and corner toilets, you’ll be able to maximize the space in your bathroom while still maintaining a consistent modern aesthetic. Let’s start by looking at the many types of corner baths, and then we’ll look at some of our favourite corner bath suites.

Styles of corner baths:

Corner Baths have the same usual shape on the outside, but there are some variations that you can choose from, having different internal layouts and designs. To best suit your bathroom area, you can pick between right-hand and left-hand setups.

There are two main styles of corner baths.

1.       Standard Corner Bath

2.       Offset Corner Bath

A standard corner bath has two sides that are equal in length and either a front that is geometrically angled or a curved front panel, while an Offset corner bath has one side longer than the other to accommodate the tub in different layouts of bathrooms.

A typical corner bathtub will fit perfectly in the corner of your room if your bathroom has the ideal correct angle where the walls meet. If your layout is less consistent, an offset bath will allow you to pick between left and right-handed designs depending on the bathroom suite arrangement you’re working with. One benefit of an offset bath is that it has more bathing area than you would with a regular shaped bath.

Do corner baths save space?

One of the best space-saving alternatives for small bathrooms is a corner bath. This modern shift on the traditional rectangular bath won’t take up as much floor space in your bathroom and can sit flush against the wall. Both of these problems are now solved. A corner bath is a terrific addition to small bathrooms and will blend perfectly with other contemporary corner suite items. It is extremely useful in the design and a statement piece for any modern bathroom style.

Because offset corner bathrooms are available in both left and right-handed versions, they can be installed in even the most complex bathroom layouts. Use any underused nooks to create an abundant refuge where you can unwind with ease.

What size are corner baths?

A corner bath can come in various shapes and sizes and are ready for installation in small bathrooms and large ones. To guarantee that it fits snuggly into the corner of your bathroom, you can choose between a regular corner bath and an offset one. If you select a unit that doesn’t come with pre-drilled tap holes, you’ll be able to use wall-mounted taps to make the most of that uncomfortable, likely unused corner of your bathroom.

Although corner baths take up more overall floor space than straight baths, their design makes them ideal for compact spaces. The standard corner baths‘ longest sides range from 1200mm to 1500mm, while the straight baths begin at roughly 1700mm. Therefore, a corner bath can fit into a smaller space, especially if your bathroom is square in design.


Corner baths have different accessories that sometimes come with the tub itself, and sometimes you have to buy them separately. These accessories include taps, bath panels etc.

Bath Panels:

A corner bath panel completes the aesthetic of your corner bath by providing a smooth and sleek finish, concealing unsightly plumbing, and giving the impression of a thoroughly built-in bath. To determine which bath panels you require, look at the full specifications of your chosen bath.


Bath taps can significantly impact the final appearance and feel of your bath. You may create an exquisite and contemporary style with a waterfall mixer tap, or a bath shower mixer tap can add more usefulness.

Are corner baths any good?

Well, a corner bath is an excellent idea for maximizing your bathroom space, but it also gives a good vibe to your bathroom and adds class to its looks. Corner baths, unlike ordinary bathtubs, often contain a seat to offer an extra degree of comfort when used. Indulgent wellness systems like jets, whirlpool settings, and chromotherapy mood lighting are all features of corner baths that make them so enticing; even the most basic of bathrooms is transformed by adding a sumptuous corner bath.

Corner bathtubs are becoming increasingly fashionable, and they’re now an affordable addition to any home. Similarly, the wide range of styles available ensures that whether you choose a modern monochrome scheme or a simple neutral scheme, there will be a corner bath to fit you and your bathroom.


Corner baths can add value to your bathroom because so many people have this beauty in their possession, and if you’re confused about whether this bathtub is worth buying or not, we at Nexus have done all the research for you.

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