Bray Wyatt reportedly uncooperative with WWE ahead of surprise release


What is the real reason why WWE released Bray Wyatt back in 2021?

Wyatt was shockingly released from his WWE contract on July 31 last year. While many fans expected him to return to professional wrestling following his 90-day non-compete, Wyatt still hasn’t returned to the wrestling ring since being released by the company. But why did WWE release him in the first place?

According to H Jenkins of Ringside News, Bray Wyatt wasn’t fired for any backstage behavior issues that have been reported elsewhere. The company reportedly chose to release Wyatt because “he had a health issue that was being addressed, still getting 4 million a year while off, and was uncommunicative and uncooperative with WWE regarding the way his health issue was being addressed by doctors.”

Bray Wyatt reportedly believed himself to be the new Undertaker

While being uncooperative with his health is the supposed reason for his WWE release, there could have also been a general feeling backstage that Bray Wyatt’s “Fiend” character halted the momentum of everyone he worked with.

The Fiend character reached such heights in WWE that Wyatt allegedly saw himself as the new Undertaker. The following is a comment from a “tenured member of the creative team” given to Jenkins regarding Wyatt’s run as The Fiend in WWE.

Even with being out of the public eye for almost a year, Windham Rotunda continues to be one of the most talked-about men in professional wrestling. Regardless of where he ends up next, you can bet that the world will be talking when he finally makes his return.

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