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Paper is still crucial to a well-run law office. The Bindertek system of professional file organization allows you to coordinate your paper records with your digital files to increase your efficiency and billable hours. Read on to learn more about Bindertek and our signature binders.

Why organize in binders?

Have you ever experienced the frustration of your paperwork spilling out of an expandable wallet or file folder? Or, have you ever created an awkward silence while everyone in the room waits for you to find a crucial document? With an organized Bindertek binder, all your papers are kept securely protected and you can find relevant documents quickly. Studies have shown retrieval from a binder is six times quicker than from a file folder! Bindertek binders ensure you can easily identify and locate the documents you need, using clear spine labels, index tabs, color-coding, and more. Show up to a client meeting with their own binder to impress them, or bring your binder to trial and feel confident that all needed documents are at your fingertips. Don’t waste billable hours searching for paperwork or struggling with a disorganized filing system.

Why invest in Bindertek binders?

By offering top-quality binders, Bindertek helps you create a system that can be used and re-used for years to come. No more buying cheap binders multiple times a year! Steel-rimmed bottom edges help the binders withstand years of use, and Bindertek offers a lifetime ring guarantee for two-ring and three-ring binders. When it comes time to re-use a binder, simply remove the contents and file them in an archive file box to save space. Replacing the spine label and adding a new set of tabs (if needed) only takes a few minutes, and you have a new binder ready for your next case or client file. We’d like to argue that our reusable binders are more eco-friendly than folders, which can’t stand up to constant re-use, and save paper by keeping your files organized so there’s no possibility of accidentally printing duplicates.

What customization options do Bindertek binders offer?

We offer multiple options to choose from so you can pick the binder style that works best for your practice. Bindertek binders offer two-ring and three-ring varieties, easy One-Touch open ring mechanisms, specialty versions like metal binders, ledger binders, topfile binders, and more. An assortment of color options is perfect for color-coding your binders based on subject area, client, or active file vs. retired file status. You can also customize binders with your practice name or logo. One of Bindertek’s most popular offerings are custom index tabs, allowing you to perfectly customize your filing system without wasting time printing or hand-writing index tabs yourself. Add sheet protectors or pockets as a catch-all measure for documents waiting to be processed into your binder.

What if I’m not a lawyer?

Everyone can benefit from organization! Bindertek offers select industry-specific products to fit the needs of other professionals. While you can always order custom tabs to suit your individual needs, we have pre-printed tab sets for tax, finance, and medical records. Our Archival Binders are ideal for high-volume organizational needs, like those required for libraries, research institutes, or historical societies. Heavy Duty Metal Binders and Clipboards withstand heavy usage, making them a great fit for construction sites or warehouses. Writing a thesis, manuscript, or working on a long-term project? Try a Thesis Binder, which utilizes a hidden spring clamp to keep your pages together rather than having to punch holes. In addition to binders and binder accessories, we offer other great organizational products like modular wooden desk organizers, Magnetic Glass Boards for meetings and to-do lists, and a rearrangeable, disc-bound notebook system from our partner brand Boundless Notebooks.

If you need assistance in creating your perfect organizational system, we’re here to help! Our Customer Service representatives can offer advice and product suggestions to customize your office setup, or you can check out the Bindertek Blog to read about some of our favorite ways to organize. Don’t settle for second best—get your office the organization it needs from Bindertek.

Editor’s note: LegalReader received no compensation in exchange for this post. In conjunction with Bindertek, we provide this as a service to lawyers, professionals and other readers who may benefit from these products. Content provided by Bindertek.

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