Betting Options in sites that update on Football Live Score Euro


Have a look at some of the Euro Cup betting options that people mostly focus on.

(1) Both teams to Score Yes/No: One of the most popular Football Live Score Euro Betting options on sports betting sites, this option mainly focuses on an accurate prediction of whether both teams in the match can score or not. Take, for instance, if underdogs like North Macedonia face a strong defending site like Italy, there are high chances that Italy would be the only team to score in that match. Conversely, if Croatia-England goes head-on, we can make a safe prediction that at least one goal can be scored by both sides. Regardless of what the final score is, you will make money on this market if both teams score in the game. 

(2) Over/Under 2.5 Goals: Not quite sure who will win the match? Then, this is the great market to be on, so far as Football Live Score Euro betting is concerned. Here, you need to predict the number of goals the match will see. But, remember that you are not predicting the exact number. You are simply making a call whether the number of goals will be above or below a given number. The number is 2.5 goals, in this case. Just try to recollect what happened in Round 16 of Euro 2016. Belgium went in as heavy favorites against Hungary. The match was won by them 4-0 and players who had placed their bet on goal-scoring markets (Over 2.5 goals in the match) made a good deal of profit. It is the same case if you can predict a match that would be a low goal-scoring affair and you make a smart bet by betting under 2.5 goals in the match. 

(3) Anytime Goal scorer: Is there a player who has been in a fine goal-scoring form throughout the whole Euro Cup season? Well, you can bet on them as Anytime Goal scorer, on betting sites giving live updates on Football Live Score Euro. You can always place a bet on them especially when their team faces a weaker opponent in the tournament. Just take for an example, there are high chances that the match between Hungary and Germany will be a huge goal-scoring affair for the German side. In that case, placing bets on the likes of Thomas Muller or Timo Werner to be anytime goal scorers can be a good deal for you. 

(4) Correct Score: This Football Live Score Euro betting option is exactly what it implies, i.e.  Predicting the exact score at full time. Since this is one of the most difficult markets to get right, and also involves greater risk, so the Euro odds on them will be higher, no doubt about that. The predictions and betting tips provided by betting sites mainly focus on predicting the correct score by taking into account the past results in their head-to-head meetings, taking into account the past form of the two nations, the recent form of the players, etc.

Types of Bets one can make in sites that updates on IPL Live Score Board

The types of bet one can make vary from sport to sport. There are cases where the bets you make will be exclusive to live betting, while in others they will be the same bet you can place even if the game weren’t live. 

Here is a small sample of in-play bets you can make on the basis of the score displayed in the IPL Live Score Board:

  • Match Winner
  • Runs to be scored on 1st delivery
  • Runs per over-Totals
  • Runs per over- Odds/Evens
  • Wickets per over- Yes/No
  • Team A 20 over runs- Totals
  • Runs in first 6 overs- Totals
  • Method of dismissal- The 6 ways
  • Top Batsman of the team
  • Next Man Out
  • Number of runs scored until the 1st wicket falls
  • Highest Opening Partnership
  • Number of wickets lost for 50 runs

These were just to name a few. You can find plenty more with various betting sites that update on scores displayed in the IPL Live Score Board

Tips for Live Betting

Let’s dive into some of the useful tips before you start betting live. 

  • Look for momentum swings. Is a particular team scoring a lot of runs? Sometimes, players/teams will ride that momentum to a win.
  • There will be frequent changes in the cricket odds. When they start shifting, you would like to get it on the side the odds are getting worse for, at the best possible price.

Hopefully, these help. But, of course, your mileage will vary.

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