Attack On Titan Season 4: Does Armin Die In Season 4; Compelete Info!


Will Armin Arlert, the intelligent protagonist of Attack on Titan, be able to reason his way out of death in the series’ final episodes? The final episodes of the popular anime series are about to be released. Season 4, Part 2 will premiere on January 9, 2022, and will run for a total of four seasons. In Attack on Titan, mangaka Hajime Isayama creates a story that is based on his own manga series of the same name. From the very beginning of Attack on Titan, Isayama made it clear that none of his characters would be spared the consequences of their actions.

Armin has been a main character in Attack on Titan since the first episode of Season 1, Episode 1. In Season 3, he came dangerously close to death after sacrificing himself to bring down Bertolt Hoover. In the end, Armin was only able to survive because Captain Levi decided to use the Survey Corps’ single dose of titan serum on him, which allowed him to possess the Colossal Titan while avoiding death from his near-fatal burns. Will Armin be as fortunate as he was in Season 4, Part 2 of the show?

Does Armin Die in the anime adaptation

RIP Armin Arlet: Armin Arlet had been killed and burned alive by Bertolt Hoover, also known as the colossal Titan, in the most recent chapter of the series. It’s a shame because Armin is a beloved character, and Bertolt is likely to become the new Olly: we all despise him, but we understand where he’s coming from in his reasoning.

About Armin Arlet

Armin Arlertis the 15th and current commander of the Survey Corps, having been designated as such by Hange Zo before their deaths in battle. He is also a childhood friend of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman, and he is one of the two deuteragonists of the series, along with Eren Yeager. He may be among the physically weakest members of the 104th Training Corps, but his intelligence and strategic genius make him a valuable asset, especially when he is teamed up with Hange. Following the Battle of Shiganshina District, he seized control of the Titans from Bertolt Hoover and came into possession of the Colossus Titan, which he named after himself.


Armin Arlert
Arumin Arureruto


“Colossus Titan”

Biological Information






15 (850)
19 (854)
22 (857)


163 cm (850)
169 cm (854)
60 m (Colossus Titan form)


55 kg (850)
56 kg (854)


  • Arlert family
  • Unnamed grandfather
  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed mother


November 3rd


Shiganshina District


Wall Rose



Professional Information






Survey Corps

Former rank


Former affiliation

  • Special Operations Squad
  • 104th Training Corps

Grad rank

Outside the top 10



Other Information

Titan kills

  • Solo: At least 2
  • In team: Unknown
  • Total: At least 2

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