5 Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles That Are Just As Convenient


We can’t ignore the environmental harm that plastic bottled water creates around the world. We all need to drink water, and as convenient plastic bottles are providing us fresh, clean water on the go, they destroy the environment, and leach toxic chemicals into the water we drink. Still, the convenience of plastic bottled water is second to none as we seek the most portable, lightweight, and handy option for our beverages.

Still, we can’t ignore the environmental harm that plastic bottled water creates around the world. We are on the constant look out for better, more sustainable alternatives that are eco-friendly, yet just as convenient and portable as plastic bottles. Here are some alternative containers that we can use instead of plastic bottles:

1. Aluminum Bottled Water

Aluminum bottled water has been on the rise in recent years as consumers realize the sustainability of aluminum as a recyclable and reusable material. Not to be confused with soda cans, which are made from tin and have plastic liners that make them just as harmful as plastic water bottles, aluminum bottles are endlessly recyclable as they won’t deteriorate when processed.

My Own Water has compiled a comprehensive look into the sustainability of aluminum bottled water, and why this material is the perfect solution to the ongoing plastic problem – it’s portable, lightweight, yet sustainable and eco-friendly!

2. Boxed Water

Remember those juice boxes you had in your school lunch as a kid? Instead of juice, water is placed in box packs to keep the water fresh without using plastic. At the end of its useful life, the box can be placed with the rest of recycling to process as paper waste. The fibrous material of the box is then turned into various recycled materials like egg cartons and cardboard.

3. Refillable Tumblers

Refillable tumblers are environmentally friendly as they are reusable. We don’t throw them away after a single use, and these tumblers often allow you to keep hot or cold water in them as you’d like. Refillable tumblers are portable as well, however, slightly inconvenient as you would need to keep washing the tumbler as you use it to prevent mold buildup and dirt.

Refillable tumblers can be made from a variety of materials, but we recommend you stay away from plastic tumblers as these are no better than disposable plastic bottles. Plastic tumblers may still leach chemicals into your water, so stick to stainless steel, aluminum, or tin instead.

4. Glass Jars

Mason jars, jam jars, and glass milk bottles can be reused again and again, and they are just as recyclable as aluminum. Glass jars and bottles make great alternatives for plastic bottles, albeit not shockproof. You might have difficulties lugging a glass bottle around without shattering it, unless you’re taking your glass container to an office setting where you can leave it there.

Still, we do not recommend using glass bottles or jars on the commute, and instead use these glass containers at home in place of large, plastic jugs. Get a milk refill using a glass liter bottle, or stock up on dry goods in mason jars. You’ll save up on plastic waste you’d usually make from your grocery shopping.

5. Silicone Save Savers

Silicone space-saving bottles are foldable bottles made from a soft material that is safe for food use. These are great to bring on camping trips, in airports, and on the commute as they take up little space in your bag when folded. However, you will need to refill the container with water from a fountain or pitcher as you use it, which can be a hassle for some people.

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